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• GSI Health
• Ortho-McNeil
• LexisNexis
• Barnes & Nobel
• Schering Plough
• Reed Elsevier
• K-Force
• Comsys
• Star Point
• Pearce
• Celerity
• Modis

Founded in 1997, CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants Consulting, Inc is a software and systems integration company focusing on a gamut of state of the art products and technologies. Our integration services help customers leverage the performance of modern or existing legacy applications to meet business objectives.

CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants has built a number of Practices that specialize in design, implementation and deployment of customized program management and systems integration technologies for our clients.

Our client relationships are among our greatest competitive assets. We deepen and enrich these relationships through disciplined growth, innovation, and seamless execution. We demonstrate our commitments to clients through the firm's emphasis on excellence, integrity and ethical behavior. We employ the best people, practices and methodologies, supported by a flexible delivery model to provide strategic IT solutions and render value added services that help clients respond quickly to their business opportunities.

Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants’ enhancement methodology consists of the end-to-end system development lifecycle, from requirements through implementation of new enhancements to the various systems. Before we begin requirements, our consultants perform comprehensive study to define the current business processes and an analysis of the impact that any enhancement may have on the system, including the level of effort, schedule, and potential technical and delivery risk, to determine the best solution for Clients. As part of the impact analysis, Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants will evaluate the use of new technologies to implement changes more quickly.

Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants will provide robust service delivery capabilities to manage the various system change request process. This team manages changes from request to implementation. Our internal integrated change control process aligns with the Clients ’ established Change control processes. Our service delivery consultants also perform our schedule for transition tasks, system enhancements, and production problem resolution. The team coordinates work and transition tasks, within, between, and across all phases of the system delivery lifecycle.

Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants’ greatest strengths is its technical expertise across a multitude of technologies. Our consultants also have the technical expertise to support transition to new architectures based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and related technologies. Our strong technical architecture capabilities include J2EE, .Net, Databases, Web 2.0, Storage and Security Infrastructures as well as mid-range and mainframe technologies. The team’s consultants are well versed in the industry-approved methodology known as Model Driven Architecture (MDA). MDA is about using modeling languages as programming languages. Modeling languages enable us to program systems at a higher level of “abstraction” than is possible by using conventional programming languages. Through the abstraction process, it is possible hide all but the relevant data in the system’s code — thereby reducing its complexity and increasing development productivity. Abstraction also increases the system’s longevity because the system’s specifications are less tied to the underlying computing environment, which is always in flux.

Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants clearly understands this concept and has hands-on experience implementing MDA in its client sites. The following diagram elucidates Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants’ Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach in detail:

Team CLD Associates’ Team of Consultants has extensive expertise around Clearcase, Clearquest, PVCS, Mercury as well as CVS, Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) as tools to control SCM processes. These tools bring control to the software development process and allow us to keep track of system changes and ensuring that they are implemented in the most cost-effective way. All of our existing maintenance and development projects require the use of a configuration management tool.

The Team will stick to the Change Management plan suggested by the (Client) of each project. Having expertise in a multitude of change management tools, gives the team the distinct advantage of adapting based on the project’s environment and needs.


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