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CEO Message

The mission of CLD is simple: We help business leaders execute successfully on strategic initiatives and achieve results defined in their terms. Put differently, we translate strategy into a well-orchestrated set of actions that produce business results top managers seek.

We live in a time of tremendous change, a time that is marked by enormous macroeconomic shifts, quick-moving technological advances and uncertainty introduced by geopolitical challenges. Flawless execution in such a competitive and dynamic environment assumes ever-increasing importance. Business leaders need to maintain their focus on today's imperatives and deliver results while making strategic, long-term decisions.

Our Firm and its Mission

In these challenging times, our firm will partner with you to plan strategic objectives, organize, launch and drive them towards a goal business unit or organization aspires to achieve.

Difference Between us & other consulting companies

In many ways, these challenging times have affected the consulting industry. During a period when several incumbent firms have been less than successful, CLD takes pride in its unparalleled record of success and growth. Our accomplishments have been achieved because we have anchored everything we do to our clients and their success. With a strong belief that the values and ethics of our profession don't change with time, we are proud to have developed a culture that combines competence with honesty, integrity, responsiveness and independence.

What Fuels our Success?

At CLD, we believe that our firm and its work exist because of clients, not the other way around. Most clients are surprised at our client focus, responsiveness, and understanding of their timely completion of the undertaken projects and the level of commitment our teams brings to every assignment. It is this unparalleled commitment and consistent delivery of results that has earned our clients' respect for us. Over 90% of CLD clients engage us for repeated assignments and the majority of our work comes through client referrals.

To learn more about why business leaders engage CLD to translate their strategies into business results, explore or contact us for more information.

CEO - Clarence Drye


Latest News

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    Hiring OPT/CPT Students.
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    Training Includes:
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